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Welcome  to St Mary’s Clymping, St Mary’s Yapton and St Andrews Ford



  Our website will be updated as information becomes available.

New messages will initally be posted on this page and then moved to our new
'Conquer CV19'
page.  The new page will be used to pass on as much information as possible and as an archiving area so please check it regularly.

newsletter sunday before Pentecost.pdf
Easter #7 Newsletter - Sunday before Pentecost
newsletter 6th in easter copy.pdf
Easter #6 Newsletter
newsletter 5th in Easter.pdf
Easter #5 Newsletter
newsletter 7.pdf
Easter #3 Newsletter

Apart for a while, but not alone, so we can be together for eternity.

Service for Sunday 24th is below.
Direct link to Sunday Service video here
Direct link to Acension Day video here

All previous videos are available on the A/V page.

Take a look also at our May and mid-month special Triangle editions on the right.

Click to download and watch the April 26th video to see how your journey has its own path to your destination.

******* NOTICE *******
If you pass Clymping Church on your way to do your (essentials) food shop, or you walk past it on your daily constitutional, you will be able to purchase some of Church farm's home grown asparagus.
You can't miss the honesty sale stand in front of the porch. All proceeds are generously being donated to Church. Thanks James and Karen.


The church office is closed during this unprecedented time. We are responding to emails and you can contact the rectory in the first instance if you need to talk to one of us.

Throughout this Covid19 crisis period we will follow and refer to the advice being published by the Church of England and the Diocese of Chichester.
Their full guidance and updates can be found on their websites at the following links;
Diocese of Chichester Website
Church of England Website

C of E Church Closure Announcement
C of E Guidance for Churches

Diocese Advice for Parishes



 Committed to a safe environment for all.


Easter to Pentecost - Daily Devotional - 2020 wk7.pdf
Daily Devotionals - Easter to Pentecost Week 7
Easter to Lent - Daily Devotional - 2020 wk6.pdf
Daily Devotionals - Easter to Pentecost Week 6
Easter to Lent - Daily Devotional - 2020 wk5.pdf
Daily Devotionals - Easter to Pentecost Week 5
Easter to Lent - Daily Devotional - 2020 wk4.pdf
Daily Devotionals - Easter to Pentecost Week 4
Easter to Lent - Daily Devotional - 2020 wk3.pdf
Daily Devotionals - Easter to Pentecost Week 3


triangle on-line
We have again produced an online version of the Triangle magazine for May, that can be accessed from the link below. It’s easy to use and you can turn the pages just like the real thing!

 If this is your first sight of our magazine, why not become a regular contributor? Just contact the Church Office via one of the means on the Contacts page.

 May Full Edition:
Click here for the main magazine.

Click here for the supplemental articles.

April Mid-Month:

Click here for the April mid-month special

As we navigate our way through these unique times, one of the best things we can do is to stay in touch and in communion.
Rev. Richard will produce a regular newsletter and is asking that you email him so he can build a distribution to receive the newsletter.  His email is on the Contacts page.
We will also be making good use of Facebook to socialise and communicate so please follow cyfchurches Benefices to join us.

Obviously as a result of all Church services being suspended, our income will now reduce considerably, but unfortunately the majority of our expenses still need to be paid, and we see ourselves called to serve more in these tough times.

Could we please encourage those of you who normally contribute via weekly envelopes or cash into the collection, to think about whether you could continue to contribute, but via different means, namely either by direct payment from your bank, or if not by perhaps sending a monthly cheque.

If you need to set up a standing order with your bank, then for Clymping church it’s:
PCC of St.Marys Clymping, sort code 40-52-40, account number 00016271
For Yapton and Ford it’s:
Yapton with Ford PCC, CAF Bank sort code 40 52 40, account number 00016631
If you would like to send a cheque, please make it payable to PCC of St.Marys Clymping, and send to 23 West Close, Middleton-on-Sea, PO22 7RP.
Or Yapton with Ford PCC, send to 32 Goodhew Close, Yapton BN18
Thank you very much in advance for any contributions you can make.

Colin Morris - Clymping
Annmarie Doick – Yapton with Ford