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  The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5 

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Eco Church

Eco Church is a scheme run by A Rocha UK equipping churches to care for God's creation through their worship, buildings, land, community engagement and individual lifestyles.

If you'd like to be involved in our active and thriving Eco Church, please get in touch!

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Why Should You Care About Boggy Ground? Unveiling the Power of Peatland

Ever heard of peatlands? These squishy landscapes, mistaken for bogs or swamps might not seem glamorous, but they're silent powerhouses supporting our planet. Unfortunately, many peatlands in the UK are damaged, although there is a coordinated strategy to bring them back to life. But why should you care?

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What restoring these vital landscapes means for you:
✓ Healthy peatlands help create cleaner air by absorbing massive amounts of carbon dioxide, helping to fight climate change. But when damaged, they release this carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere, worsening the problem.
✓ Healthy peatlands act like giant sponges, soaking up excess water and filtering it naturally. This helps keep our rivers clean and prevents flooding, protecting delicate eco-systems, wildlife and human communities.

A Beacon of Hope In Large-Scale Restoration Projects - There's already progress! The UK has some of the largest peatland restoration projects in Europe, like the one in Border Mires, Northumberland where over 500 hectares of peatland has already been restored, showcasing how a partnership between governmental and non-governmental bodies can actually work.

How You Can Help - Even though you might not live near a peatland, there are ways you can show your support:
Spread the Word: Talk to friends and family about the importance of peatlands.
Support Conservation Efforts: Donate to organisations working on peatland restoration projects
Be Peat-Conscious: Look for alternatives to products that traditionally use peat, eg compost.
Learn More -

By working together, we can ensure these vital ecosystems continue to thrive. Let's give these often overlooked squishy landscapes the love they deserve!

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Topical Articles:
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Hedges - Supporting Our Green Corridors To Flourish

Whilst National Hedgerow Week in May has passed, our responsibility to protect these vital connecting green corridors needs to continue!

Spanning a staggering 95,000 miles in the UK, hedgerows are more than just boundaries. They offer vital shelter and corridors for wildlife, capture carbon, and beautify our landscapes. Sadly, hedgerow loss has been a concern, disrupting our ecosystems. However, a revival is underway! Farmers are rediscovering their benefits for soil health, flood control, and even pest management. Locally, Arun District Council has in the last few years actively improved hedgerows, planting and restoring over 1.5 kilometres.

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You can help too!

Existing hedges – why not plant native flowering species beneath your hedge. This creates a layered habitat, providing food and shelter for pollinators and small creatures throughout the year.  Or perhaps let a section of your hedge grow wilder, offering nesting spots and additional foliage for insects.

Create a new hedge - Don't be restricted by size, even small hedges with fragrant shrubs like lavender or rosemary create wildlife havens. These fragrant plants can offer shelter and nesting for pollinators like struggling bees and butterflies.

So, the next time you consider adding structure to your garden, consider a hedge! It is a minor change with a big impact for our shared environment.

Want to know more or help support the campaign, please see links below.

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